Bespoke Wardrobe and Shelving Installations in London

Your wardrobe and amount of available shelving are often not sufficient in most homes. You likely find that organising your home is difficult and that you do not have adequate storage space. Organisation and lack of clutter are essential for all homes or else things can pile up quickly. My wardrobe and shelving services include bespoke fitted shelving and alcove units, created and installed. I guarantee that highest level of quality and customer service with my services.

Why Home Organisation is Important

Studies and research show that when a home is not well-organised, it induces stress in the people who live there. When you return home after a long day, you do not want have to step over things, look at clutter or not be able to find what you need. You need enough shelving to keep everything in its place and an organised wardrobe that holds all of your clothing and other fashion items without being overly full and cluttered. My wardrobe and shelving services ensure that your home is always perfectly organised so that you are always happy and comfortable at home. Never worry about things piling up again.


Custom and bespoke wardrobe and shelving solutions

My services can take care of all of the wardrobe and shelving needs that your home requires. My ultimate goal is to make sure that you have everything you need to avoid clutter and put everything in its place. You also want to be able to organise everything well so that you always know where to find exactly what you need at all times. I offer the following wardrobe and shelving services to all customers:

  • All services are designed and created to fit the space you already have
  • I offer cream and white internal finishes
  • I can provide a large variety of ball and farrow paint colours
  • Installing floating shelves throughout your home
  • All wardrobe and shelving components are completely handmade
  • Hanging rails come in white and satin chrome options
  • I offer a wide variety of handle options

Installating your wardrobes and shelving

When I install wardrobe and shelving components, the process will go quickly and smoothly. All of the components for these services are completely handmade and they are prepared offsite. This means that the time I spend in your home getting the job done is as short as possible. After I bring everything to your home, I install all components exactly as you want them and then apply more paint so that everything looks perfect and per your specifications at all times.

When you have the storage space that you need, you will enjoy a more organised home. Home organisation plays a major role in how comfortable your home is for you and your family. I can help you find the best places to add shelving, as well as help you design a well-organised wardrobe with the space you already have. All of these services all apply to all alcove units.