Carpentry Services in Clapham & South London

Carpentry Services in Clapham, London & Surrey

Whether you need renovations for your home or want to add extra storage, we can help improve your home to make it more comfortable for you and your family to live in. At B. Mulrooney, we can handle any carpentry task that you have, no matter how small or how large it happens to be. Our carpenters do everything from kitchen alterations to customising wardrobes for your bedrooms and anything in between.

Help with major home wood work and carpentry jobs

Our highly skilled carpenters can carry out repairs to your home to help maintain its value and keep it safe. Over time, moisture, termites and age can cause wood to weaken to the point that replacing it is necessary. We can replace the joist and flooring of your home, the architraves over your windows, replace or reconfigure stud walls or replace the decking or rafters on cut roofs.

If your home is on the market, making these repairs will help you get a better price from the buyer. Even if you are keeping your home, these repairs are necessary to keep your house in good condition for many years to come. These are just a few of the repairs we can do on a house to improve how it looks.

Customised Improvements

Our carpenters can also help you make customised improvements to your home to modernize or reconfigure any room in your house to give you more space. If you are renovating your kitchen, we can replace your old cupboards with new ones or place custom shelving in your bathroom. Our carpenters can make changes to your rooms to make them bigger or more practical.

We will replace your old doors with new ones that are thicker and that have a higher fire safety rating to keep your family secure. We can also enclose ugly pipes in your bath or laundry room. We will also make sure your boxed-in pipes are well insulated to keep them from freezing in the winter.

No matter your needs, from new garden decking to skirting boards, our carpentry services can make your home look better and help you sell it for more when you put it on the market. For further information about how B. Mulrooney carpenters can help improve your home and help retain its value with repairs or custom work. No job is too big for our company.

Our carpentry Services include:

  • Kitchen alterations 
  • Doors
  • Architraves
  • Skirting boards
  • Shelving
  • Joist & Flooring
  • Cupboards
  • Boxed in pipes
  • Stud walls
  • Garden decking
  • Cut roofs
  • Wardrobes