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Getting to Know Your Carpenter in Clapham

We at London Door Joinery are fortunate to have a variety of carpenters on our team to help out with projects and lend their expertise. This is what usually stumps most clients – the fact we have different “types” of carpenters. Truth be told, carpentry is a vast industry where many have one or more specialities in a variety of areas. Below are just some of the areas in which a carpenter in Clapham may choose to specialise in:

1. The Rough Carpenters

A rough carpenter in Clapham takes on “rough” jobs, meaning jobs in their most rawest of forms. This often involves:

  • Framing
  • Formwork
  • Roofing

Generally speaking, the carpenters who perform any structural or large-scale work are rough carpenters here at London Door Joinery.

2. The Joister

The joister is one who is responsible for laying floor joists. This highly specialised technique requires an individual to take into account a variety of environmental factors and to then be able to lay horizontal boards appropriately so that they are connected to a structure’s frame right below door level.

3. The Cabinet Maker

With the increase in demand for custom interior design, this type of carpenter in Clapham is chronically busy building and detailing cabinets, many of them being custom-made. They also often handle dressers, storage chests, wardrobes and more.

4. The Joiner

Also known as the “finish carpenter,” this type of carpentry involves items from fine woodworking and model building to cabinetry and instrument design. Our joinery professionals are trained to know exactly which joints can be used to minimise margins of error. This allows us to produce the best product possible.

5. The Roofer

As per the name, the roofer is one who specialises in roof construction. Their main points of interest are in the beams, rafters, and trusses of a home or building.


Why You Need Expert Carpentry Contractors?

If you are thinking of renovating your house, you will need to hire professional carpentry contractors to do the job for you. Rather than working with a stand-alone carpenter, it is always best to work with a professional company. Stand- alone carpenters usually look for quick jobs that pay well. As a customer, you want the best quality carpentry services at the lowest possible rates.

At the London Door Joinery, that is just what we offer. The company was created back in 1990 in order to cater to the increasing carpentry requirements of residents throughout London and parts of Surrey. Despite starting stall, the London Door Joinery has quickly risen to become one of the largest carpentry contractors in the Big City.

What Can We Do for You?

The London Door Joinery is focused on helping our customers as best as we can. We can create fitted wardrobes with shelves customized according to your requirements. We can also create fitted kitchens as well as front door refurbishments. We actively study the best carpentry practices in order to provide our clients with value added services that are tailored to their requirements.

We carefully study your requirements in order to determine how to proceed with the project. Along the way, we also provide tips and guidance in order to help you save money. We approach each project in a unique way. After discussing our client’s requirements, we discuss the best course of action before beginning. This helps you decide where you can save money.

Why Us?

One of the most reputable carpentry contractors in London, the London Door Joinery has built a reputation for itself based on its highly customer- oriented services. It doesn’t matter if you want a single door fitting or wish to renovate your house completely, we will help you get maximum value for your money.