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Designing a Wardrobe with Shelves – Working with an Expert

Built- in wardrobe with shelves save a lot of space in houses and also look very good. However, if you have recently shifted to a new house and want to get some fitted wardrobes, you need to consider your options. In London, hiring an expert is a great idea. However, unless you know an expert carpentry contractor in London, you must tread cautiously. Rather than paying exorbitant amounts of money for substandard services, you need to hire professionals with experience and a skilled hand.

The London Door Joinery was created in 1990, and has since then provided top notch woodwork and handyman services to customers all over the city. Apart from installing different types of wardrobes with shelves based on our customer’s recommendations, we also offer a complete range of carpentry services such as fitted kitchens, refurbishments and other maintenance services.

Why Us?

The London Door Joinery was created with a very specific purpose: to enhance the customer’s experience when dealing with carpenters. Over the past 25 years we have carefully studied different carpentry methods and regulations. All of our carpenters are highly skilled in their work, and know what needs to be done. Before installing any wardrobe with shelves, we carefully study the design plans and discuss with our clients. This makes it easy for our clients to know how the wardrobe will look after it’s fitted in their homes.

A Complete Set of Carpentry Services

The London Door Joinery offers a complete range of carpentry services under one roof. For over 25 years we have catered to clients from all over London. All of our services are competitively priced, making it easy for our customers to decide what they want without having to worry about their budgets.